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Wix Review ... Best Website Builder?

Wix is used by millions of people across 190 different countries. A complete, professional website can be created in a matter of minutes and with absolutely no knowledge of source coding. Wix provides a powerful template editor that is customizable to your heart's content. The editor is a web based drag n' drop interface that guides you step by step throughout the design process. In my opinion it is definitely the best one out there today!

Wix is being used for plethora of industries ranging from photography to musicians to small businesses. No matter what your niche is a template exists to soot it. If you aren't interested in editing a template then you can use Wix's ADI. There is no feature out there on the market like this. Basically, you just input some information and then the AI will spit out a website for you. I did a test of this myself for a health and fitness site I was working on. I was shocked by the professionalism! website builder

I have been using Wix for almost 4 years now. I started off in college making my first website in Adobe Dreamweaver. The website contained my college portfolio and was full of music, videos, and photography. All I can say is I wish I had Wix back then! For those of you who actually know how to code, you'll have to agree that Wix cuts down web design time by half. I will also say that I appreciate the fact that they allow you to edit the source code. If there is something that doesn't exist in the Wix library then it can be added with advanced editing. This is great for professional coders and the possibilities are endless.

Wix offers many widgets. The widgets include objects such as social media, forms, eCommerce stores, and many more. These widgets, just like everything else, are drag n' drop. After you place them on your page all you have to do is edit their settings. The settings are easy to go through and are mostly just tying the widget to a some relevant preexisting account you have. The widgets are very tasteful and take websites to a new level!

Lastly, two features I want to mention that I think are important is their email marketing "Wix Ascend" and their SEO AI. First, Ascend is what Wix calls their email marketing platform. This allows you to send beautifully crafted emails to your customers and subscribers. You can set up automation so that it will act as a autoresponder. The email design and creation is the same as the website builder. It's all drag n' drop and simple to use. Second, Wix's SEO AI is great because it analyzes your website and lists what fixes are needed to better rank in Google. Ranking is Google is probably the MOST IMPORTANT goal for any small business or blogger. This allows for you site to be discovered and in turn make more money! All you have to do is make the corrections listed in their analysis. Once they are corrected, Wix will confirm them and you're all good to go!

In closing, it is important to say that Wix has a very high customer satisfaction rate. It is said that 88% of their customers would recommend it to a friend. Count me as one those 88% as I'm recommending it to you! Everybody needs a website for something. If you don't have one yet then check out the link below and start one today!


CLICK HERE to sign up for a Wix website


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