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Shave Secret Shave Oil Review ... Best Shave Ever?

I was introduced to Shave Secret Shave Oil fairly recently and, to be honest, was pretty skeptical about it. I have been using gel/foam shaving cream my entire life and thought well how could this work. How would the razor slide smoothly against my skin? How would this prevent nicks and cuts? How would this prevent razor burn? Well after several weeks of use here's what I have to say.

Shave Secret Shave Oil is a 100% natural proprietary blend of multiple seed and nut base oils (no peanut), steam distilled essential oils, pharmaceutical grade menthol and vanilla tea oil. The base oils are high in emollients that calm, soothe and nourish to replenish the moisture in your skin. The European and Indonesian essential oils used are of the highest quality and not blends of lesser grade oils and have absolutely no fillers. The essential oils are blended in the proper dilution into the base oils to provide enhanced comfort and protection for your skin. It is a full replacement for all shave creams, soaps and gels.

For testing purposes I have used Shave Secret Shave Oil on my face, chest, and stomach. I shave my face every other day so I have used it on that extremity more so than the others. BUT before we talk about my experience, I need to tell you how to use the product first.


1. Wet the body area thoroughly that you intend to shave.

2. Apply 3-5 drops of Shave Secret Shave Oil to damp hands. (ex. 5 drops for face)

3. Massage the oil into your skin for about 10-20 seconds.

4. Shave and BE AMAZED!

To say I was amazed is an understatement! This product actually worked the way it said it would. The razor slid against my skin just like I was using shaving cream. I had no nicks, no cuts, and no RAZOR BURN! The oil essentially acted as a lubricant. Even days after my shave, my chest and stomach had not signs of razor bumps. Those areas for me are much more sensitive than my face so they are a good test case. The great thing about this product is it can be used on any part of your body. With that being said, if you are unhappy with your current shaving products, give Shave Secret Shave Oil a try and your skin will thank you!


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